Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beng (Ghetto ) vs Gentlemen

Here's my dilemma
I really don't know what to do. To be a ghetto kid or be a gentlemen that I am. I guess girls these days are really more attracted to the more bad-ass people. But don't get me wrong, I mean some of those guys are really nice people and they really love a girl right. I've come across afew and I have all do #respect for them. It's just...there are others who can one day change 2-stead and have 30 over steads in their lives. I mean, why do girls even fall for guys like them? And like for popularity..it's because the more handsome or pretty you are you get more popularity? I am just this guyyy..wanting to know society's answers cause he's a reject...

Post your views on the c-box k thanks bye
P.S. I don't really care if you hate this post, just post your comment, cause I need it..even it's good or bad I will accept it...produce some constructive criticism :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 1

1330 GMT
that was d-day for me. I opened the first paper, and I looked it at it and there it was. The O level paper 1 question. I got a shocked when it was so difficult. Didn't really expect it was that hard. The letter was really a killer while the compo was really tough cause I chose the one-word. I used up like 10 sheets of writing paper planning and writing ( tree killer ) Im sorry :(
For the second paper, Cambridge wasn't really kind to me either. It was really really difficult and I couldn't seem to phrase my answers correctly. Worse still, the summary was like a bombshell just dropped on me. I couldn't even get a single point out of the passage. I tell you my hopes of getting an A has just vanished. My hopes of getting into my creative writing course and my journalism course just took a server blow.

I'm kind of, let me take that back. I'm fucking pissed off at myself. Shouldn't have watched the match last. Oh and for those Man Utd fans, sorry but ya'll gon bow down to city now. For those city fans, like myself, cough cough... It's a new era and we're going to win the league this season baby! I can't really say I regretted watching the match, cause I watched it for free, in the comfort of my own home and having seen six goals was really spectacular~!
Balotelli and Silva are really really good not to mention Aguero and Dzeko.

Anways that's all for now...I leave you with another chictopia picture I took this morning. yeap bye

Sunday, 23 October 2011

You're my only one and a part 2 preview

So pretty busy preparing for my O's which starts tomorrow. Kinda nervous but yet excited for what tomorrow will be like for me. I am more prepared for an informal letter than anything and I haven't prepared a single shit speech. So yeap on my way to church now to pray that it's a formal letter :)
Isn't it weird that I'm like supposed to be so focused on my exams but yet I'm distracted by other stuffs? Weird eh. It's the home stretch but I can't seem to get my act together. I need motivation, it's the last 100m and I'm up against Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell, dam...tough competition. But you can never discount the underdogs and the black horses. They say, it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but if I carry on with this state of mind, boy she sure warming up those vocal cords now.
Come on ryan FOCUS!
it's been lets say. 3 years now and I am still half-heartedly over her. Some days I can don't think about her at all and I'm so perfectly normal but then there are other days where my mind is just thinking about her. Damn Im so worried about her. Im worried.

Anyways I leave you with a short preview with what's coming up for my book.

Chapter 2 ( the beginning )
adaptation from transformers 3

After a tiring and rather awkward day in school, I finally returned to the place I called my den, a.k.a my room. I was still thinking about what was going on and why did it seem so surreal when it was all just a dream. I slouched onto my bed and turned on the television.
“Gay. Gay. Darn gay… Dam, is there anything nice around here?” I muttered to myself while scrolling through the channels, until something caught my utmost attention. I dropped my remote control flabbergasted and just laid there, taking in the news conference unfolding on the television.

“General MacAdams, is it true that a unknown space probe just crash landed to Mars?” A reporter asked.

“I have no details at this point in time, I cannot confirm any of your sources right now.”

“General!” a shout came across the conference room. “ NASA released a statement saying it would send it’s first man-mission to mars to check out this unknown crash. Do you have any truth to that?”

“No comments.” He seemed so tensed and jittery, a far distant from what I saw in him just now in my dreams. The calmness and commanding General had disappeared. How the hell did I have such a clear vision on one of the top security generals of the United States Joint Chief of Staffs just puzzles me. I kept cracking my head for a logical explanation but just couldn’t find one…. 

stay tuned :) 
-bullshit book btw

Friday, 21 October 2011

Start me up

Start me up~ New Boyz
Currently hooked up like no tomorrow to this song. Raping repeat all over that she got no more clothes left. Okayys that sounds weird haha. But NEWBOYZ just ROCK!!!!!!! 

epic fan of them :)

Well today, I am currently sick, so I won't be posting so much. Well to be honest I ain't really sick, I got a concussion cause my bro bashed me up. Well fuck him -.-' Anyways I'm alright, thankfully. And today was the second time I went to see a TCD. It's quite effective and they gave me TCM in a capsulated form so its pretty alright. Save me from all the vomitting and stuff :)
And didn't study much today..O's are lets see...2 days away from now? LIKE SERIOUSLY...dam I'm so excited that it's finally here.. Not that I am fully prepared for it, is just that I want it to end quickly so I can party !!!!

I leave you with this pic I posted this morning on chicotpia. If anyone of ya'll got a chictopia account do comment on my dressing style cause I really am considering pursuing a career in fashion ! hahas, yeap :) thats all for now. cya bye :]

Fred Perry & Topman

Thursday, 20 October 2011

My fictional story

This is the story about a fictional character called Rayan. A normal 16 year old kid trying to get pass his exams and find the true meaning of friendship and love. He struggled to cope in a society that rejected him, until one day he was called upon to do something no kid would ever think off. That was when the war broke out.

“Behind these eyes, I’ve seen it all. The hurt, the joy and everything in between. I saw death, I saw life. I saw carnage, I saw peace. I saw hope, I saw destruction. I saw peace, I saw war. “

Chapter 1 (adaptation from Call.Of.Duty MW2) 
“Mr. James.” she called my name once. Then twice, then three times. Feeling ignored and disrespected, she threw her book on the floor and screamed out my name. “MR. JAMES!” she yelled out like a siren. I merely lifted my head and stared at her.
“Sup?” after I completed my one word reply, a torrent of anger ensured over me. The words entered from the left and exited from the right. The only words I could hear and could comprehend was “GET THE F OUT OF MY CLASSROOM.” I dragged my chair back, lazily stood up and slumped out of the classroom. Same old same old. I’m sick of these teachers with their boring shit ass lessons. I need to do something more real, more intense. But what could I do, I’m just a social reject. I stood there outside the window not really paying attention to what a word was going on. I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier by the minute. The next thing I knew I was in some weird place.

“GET UP! GET UP PRIVATE JAMES! RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!” I was just starting to comprehend with what the f was going on. I stared straight into the old man’s face. Who is he? I was still trying to make sense. Have I seen him before? He shoved me a M1A4 and dragged me to my feet. He took a ACH helmet lying on the ground and passed it to me. All the while I could hear explosions, bullets whizzing past my head. Am I in a warzone? Is this for real? I placed the helmet on and went forward.
“James! Take position of the MG!” someone shouted. I simply don’t understand. Firstly, how do they know my name. Secondly, where the hell am I? And finally how the hell did I get here? I tried to search the answers and focus on the task at hand. I crawled towards the MG lying on the ground. I picked it up and aimed towards where all the shooting was coming from. I felt a pat on my back, and turned around. I saw a black man, well built, Mid twenties, light crystal blue eyes that showed no fear even in the midst of all this chaos.
“Aim across the ravine and take out those enemies trying to cross over! We can’t let them break through. “ He gave his command, patted me on the helmet and moved off to another location. I could feel my adrenaline pumping! My heartbeat was racing with every growing second. I mounted the MG and took up my position. I could see shadowy figures approaching due North and North East of our position. I locked my fingers around the trigger. Never will I experience this feeling again. I squeezed it.
The situation was desperate. We are nearly being over-run! I kept up my intense firing rate. I could feel the gun getting hotter and hotter, telling me to stop. I was now also under severe enemy fire. All the while I have been living the dream. This is intense, this is chaotic and most importantly it is not boring! I shifted my position to get a clearer firing vision down the ravine. I could see tracer bullets even in the midst of daybreak. I rotated my gun 45 degrees and continued firing away.
“Enemies on the bridge! We got to protect goliath! James shift your fire to the bridge! “ I wasn’t too sure where the voice came from. But what was goliath and where was the bridge. It took me awhile to realise that the bride was actually just to the left of my position. I could see this bridge broken in two. On one side an enormous bridge-layer. On the another, shadowy figures that my brain cells have already termed the enemy. Using my quick analytical thinking, I left my position and sprinted back towards the bridge dodging all the fire and bullets in the process. I raced up the stairs and crouched behind a pillar. I peeked to take stock of the enemy positions. Got them zero-ed in on my M1A4 red-scope, and opened fire. I saw those “shadowy” figures just tumble to the ground. DAM IM GOOD! My ego was high and my adrenaline pumping. I felt I was king!
I was rudely brought back to earth when I suddenly felt an immense surge of pain in my right arm. ARGH I dropped my rifle and went back to my hiding position. I grabbed my arm and winced in pain. My arm was literally screaming in pain. I looked down at it and realised the reality of it all. I’ve been hit. This is not a dream. The pain is real I could feel it. I tried my best to endure it and slowly picked my rifle up. I got back into my firing position with one knee on the floor and continued firing.
Soon, the enemy was in retreat. We protected goliath. The bridge has been completed and now we could take the fight to the enemy. A convoy of humvees soon rolled up.
“James you first Humvee.” I walked towards the first vehicle and climbed in. Once inside, another guy. Wait a minute…he looked quite like my classmate. What the hell is he doing here? Before I could even say a word he slapped me. I tried to react, but the sight of him got blurry. All I could hear was my name. It was getting clearer and clearer. Soon, I was wide awake standing outside my classroom with all eyes inside fixed on me.
“We heard noises and shooting and screaming and shouting and all that crap while you were sleeping…Are you alright?” Nicholas asked.
“Wait, you mean I was asleep? “
“Yea..then what the hell were you think you were doing?”
“I was in the middle of an armed combat. It felt so real man! Like it was straight out of some modern warfare shit or something like that! “ I tried to explain.
“Man you are weird. “ he turned back and walked into class.
Was it all just a dream? Really, then how is it possible to see so clearly the facial features of the old man and the other guy? Why did it felt so real when I was shooting my rifle? Most importantly the pain! I looked down and saw a cut on my right arm. It looked fresh as blood still was coming out from it. I clearly remembered it not being there before. So maybe it was real…If it’s real, what is it trying to say?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I can be your superhero baby

I miss you so much, everyday is the same. Baby I want you back, right here by my side. Where the winds will blow, that's where I will go, in a hope that one day I will find the key to your heart <3


This will be just a plain simple blog :) I won't be doing anything fancy with it o.O like other bloggers do, anyways feel free to read and give me comments and yea ! :)