Thursday, 10 November 2011

11/11/11 11:11:11

wish big, tomorrow is the day. You miss it, you wait another 100 years. Get that? 100 years, how many will ya'll be alive wishing? Now here are my wishes

1. I wish to end the fucked up society we got.

2. I wish for happiness

3. I wish to have basketball and soccer talent

4. I wish the lockout would end

5. I wish I find true love with her

6. I wish for more wishes

7. I wish all my wishes come true

So yeap! Wish big and let's see how many of my wishes will come true :D
jk..I would be sleeping by then, it's past my bedtime rofl

Monday, 7 November 2011

Song for you

OBG! Old but gold track!! It's currently one of fav songs, well the other one having to be this...
I mean it's like! How can you not like new boyz?!! They're so freaking dopeee! :D anyways yesterday I went to vivo with Jessica Se Souvient and she bought her 3 accessories which were really nice to be honest! While I spend like 163.50 dollars at topman! Yes ladies and gentlemen, 163.50! It could be higher not for the 50% discount that I got :x dayyum. Im broke like shit :( Bought a pair of black and red skinnies and three jerseys. That's the best rating for chictopia I got so far..12 votes!! yeap! in like an hour? best response so far :) guess people are liking my dressing sense. Usually I dress up when I really feel like it but sometimes I go casual :) hahas anyways, there's this new stomp sensation in singapore. and no it's adelyn, it's errica or erica or something, takes a pic in bra with no boobs? okaycan, 11 year old girl with a 20 year old boyfriend. okay can. let's see how long they will last or how fast they will get a baby yea? Anyways that's about all folks :) continue reading and posting your comments on the c-box and I will get back to ya :)

Red topman jeans with black jersey

Saturday, 5 November 2011

In another life

In another life, I will be your boy. I promise you. I will do things right. I will take my chances. I will not let it slip. I will correct all my mistakes. I will make all wrongs I have done in this life right. In another life, I will make you stay. Even it means following you to the ends of the world, I will do so. Even if it means catching a grenade, RPG, C4 i will do so. Even if it means losing my arms, legs and eyes I will do so. For you to be safe I will risk it all. I will be your guardian angel. I will protect you always.

Friday, 4 November 2011

I'm ugly

I would be lying if I said I wasn't bothered. Not bothered by their comments. Taking their comments in my stride. No I ain't that sort of person. I fall easily, I get affected by what others say. Even worse, I get affected by what I ownself perceive. 
I think that I'm ugly. Nobody will want me. No girl will want me cause of the fact that I'm ugly. Sigh, why are there so many good-looking people out there? Why does everybody goes for looks? Why...never will I get the girl of my dreams..never..if looks wasn't part of the life would have changed few years. Fuck this, I know I am ugly and nobody will accept me. Will you?