Monday, 7 November 2011

Song for you

OBG! Old but gold track!! It's currently one of fav songs, well the other one having to be this...
I mean it's like! How can you not like new boyz?!! They're so freaking dopeee! :D anyways yesterday I went to vivo with Jessica Se Souvient and she bought her 3 accessories which were really nice to be honest! While I spend like 163.50 dollars at topman! Yes ladies and gentlemen, 163.50! It could be higher not for the 50% discount that I got :x dayyum. Im broke like shit :( Bought a pair of black and red skinnies and three jerseys. That's the best rating for chictopia I got so far..12 votes!! yeap! in like an hour? best response so far :) guess people are liking my dressing sense. Usually I dress up when I really feel like it but sometimes I go casual :) hahas anyways, there's this new stomp sensation in singapore. and no it's adelyn, it's errica or erica or something, takes a pic in bra with no boobs? okaycan, 11 year old girl with a 20 year old boyfriend. okay can. let's see how long they will last or how fast they will get a baby yea? Anyways that's about all folks :) continue reading and posting your comments on the c-box and I will get back to ya :)

Red topman jeans with black jersey

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