Saturday, 21 January 2012

Im back!!

Hahahas, Im back!! MIA-ED from my blog for quite awhile due to my pure laziness of updating my blog ;x OHWELLZ!!! hehehe :x Anyways Im back and I will start updating soon!!
Its currently approaching the chinese new year soon! And I am hoping to get lots of ang pow!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA SHOPPPPP!! been looking at april's jeans and g-star's denim. Can't decide still though :( cheap monday is also a good fit!!
April 77 Joey Overdrive Stage. 
Really eyeing those badly!!!!!
I couldn't find pics on the g-star and Im too lazy to go search for the jeans I want for cheap Monday!! HAHA lazyyypig! I BORN IN THE YEAR OF THE PIG MUAHAHAHAHA. excuses

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