Friday, 3 February 2012

Y_U_NO trend me!!!

Okayys so here's the deal, recently there's been alot of undisputed-ly weird trends from twitter. From Kendrcik Perkins ( okayys this was kinda acceptable ) due to his awesome facial served by Mr. Griffin :) But why in the world are you trending about Steven Lim, Noah Yap and Naomi Neo!!

So I was wondering, Y_U_NO TREND ME!!!!! MEMEMEEMEME!! RAYAN JAMES!! #RAYANJAMES THE NEXT BIG THING ON TWITTER AHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH....i would be like waiting a million years for that to happen!

But why are you trending those people? I mean there's like more important things out there than to bother about the personal lives of these people. I mean just let them be, if you want them to thrive on your comments then your just falling into their trap. They want to be famous no matter what. SO i mean, let the hype die. Let them slowly disappear to the dust, and after awhile they will wonder where all their fame went and start to panic. ( I don't think I put this well, but in short, JUST DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT IT )

So let me end of with this, unless something bad happens to you and the whole world knows about it, don't start being a famous superstar, cause one day you will regret it. One may wish for fame, but can he/she handle the fame when she gets it? Fame is hard to handle....

So here's the something bad...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha Y_U_NO DUCK MR.PERKINS

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