Monday, 6 February 2012

Assassin's Creed Prologue

Born into a world of deceit and injustice, I lost my way. I was abandoned since young and had to struggle for a living. My journey for a better life ended me here. A secret assassin, a cold-blooded hit man, a young man trying to bring justice to this world. 

Never had I experienced the meaning of love or how it felt. Never had I felt any remorse when I placed the bullet into someone's head. Screams and agony filled my mind but never once I was bothered. Never had I once spared any feelings for the victim. That is why I succeed as being one of the best in the business. Ruthless, murderous and heartless. 

"Ryan here's your mission. Should you choose to accept." my boss handed me a file across the table. The meeting was held at a glamorous restaurant. The lighting and atmosphere was perfect and the rain outside just complimented the setting perfectly. I took a slice at the steak I was having, it was not really well done. I could taste the fresh blood from the meat. Perfection. I placed down the cutlery and looked up. A shady figure whose face covered under the hood of a trench coat which was soaking wet from the downpour outside. 

"What's in it for me?" I asked.

"2,000,000 pounds. Cold hard cash." He bent forward whispering it into my ear. Very tempting indeed. But, for the first time something was pricking me from picking up the file. 'Don't accept the mission' a voice inside me was calling out. However the demon in me blocked out my conscience and I agreed. I grabbed the file from the desk and flipped it open to study the details and the target.

"May I refill your wine sir?" A waiter approached our table with a bottle of 1942 Merlot in his hands. I nodded and looked at the crystal clear red wine flowed into my glass. It reminded me of the blood of the previous target that I had just killed. Once my glass was filled the waiter left and our secret "meeting" continued.

"How would you want me to finish the target?" I asked bluntly.

"A sniper shot. My client wants it done secretly and stealthily."

"Any specific dates or timing where the target would be most vulnerable?" 

"Tomorrow. She will be depositing an important package at the OCBC central branch. I want you to take the shot there."

"Understood boss. Anything else?" I asked again.

"That would do it. This meeting has run it's course. I will now make a move. Expect your payment as soon as you get the job done." He stood up, placed a cigar in his mouth and picked up his umbrella which was lying on the floor. I wished him a goodbye and he slowly strutted out of the restaurant. Returning to my seat, I continued with my steak which was now cold. Listening to the classical pieces being played in the background by a masterful pianist I indulged in what's left of my dinner. The target would be my first female target. Something I was very not used to. But I did not let it bother me, it was going to be a routine mission and I would feel no remorse when I squeeze that trigger tomorrow. I slowly finished my steak and threw some notes onto the table. Standing up, I walked out of the door, tomorrow I will be 2,000,000 pounds richer.

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