Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 1

1330 GMT
that was d-day for me. I opened the first paper, and I looked it at it and there it was. The O level paper 1 question. I got a shocked when it was so difficult. Didn't really expect it was that hard. The letter was really a killer while the compo was really tough cause I chose the one-word. I used up like 10 sheets of writing paper planning and writing ( tree killer ) Im sorry :(
For the second paper, Cambridge wasn't really kind to me either. It was really really difficult and I couldn't seem to phrase my answers correctly. Worse still, the summary was like a bombshell just dropped on me. I couldn't even get a single point out of the passage. I tell you my hopes of getting an A has just vanished. My hopes of getting into my creative writing course and my journalism course just took a server blow.

I'm kind of, let me take that back. I'm fucking pissed off at myself. Shouldn't have watched the match last. Oh and for those Man Utd fans, sorry but ya'll gon bow down to city now. For those city fans, like myself, cough cough... It's a new era and we're going to win the league this season baby! I can't really say I regretted watching the match, cause I watched it for free, in the comfort of my own home and having seen six goals was really spectacular~!
Balotelli and Silva are really really good not to mention Aguero and Dzeko.

Anways that's all for now...I leave you with another chictopia picture I took this morning. yeap bye

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