Sunday, 23 October 2011

You're my only one and a part 2 preview

So pretty busy preparing for my O's which starts tomorrow. Kinda nervous but yet excited for what tomorrow will be like for me. I am more prepared for an informal letter than anything and I haven't prepared a single shit speech. So yeap on my way to church now to pray that it's a formal letter :)
Isn't it weird that I'm like supposed to be so focused on my exams but yet I'm distracted by other stuffs? Weird eh. It's the home stretch but I can't seem to get my act together. I need motivation, it's the last 100m and I'm up against Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell, dam...tough competition. But you can never discount the underdogs and the black horses. They say, it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but if I carry on with this state of mind, boy she sure warming up those vocal cords now.
Come on ryan FOCUS!
it's been lets say. 3 years now and I am still half-heartedly over her. Some days I can don't think about her at all and I'm so perfectly normal but then there are other days where my mind is just thinking about her. Damn Im so worried about her. Im worried.

Anyways I leave you with a short preview with what's coming up for my book.

Chapter 2 ( the beginning )
adaptation from transformers 3

After a tiring and rather awkward day in school, I finally returned to the place I called my den, a.k.a my room. I was still thinking about what was going on and why did it seem so surreal when it was all just a dream. I slouched onto my bed and turned on the television.
“Gay. Gay. Darn gay… Dam, is there anything nice around here?” I muttered to myself while scrolling through the channels, until something caught my utmost attention. I dropped my remote control flabbergasted and just laid there, taking in the news conference unfolding on the television.

“General MacAdams, is it true that a unknown space probe just crash landed to Mars?” A reporter asked.

“I have no details at this point in time, I cannot confirm any of your sources right now.”

“General!” a shout came across the conference room. “ NASA released a statement saying it would send it’s first man-mission to mars to check out this unknown crash. Do you have any truth to that?”

“No comments.” He seemed so tensed and jittery, a far distant from what I saw in him just now in my dreams. The calmness and commanding General had disappeared. How the hell did I have such a clear vision on one of the top security generals of the United States Joint Chief of Staffs just puzzles me. I kept cracking my head for a logical explanation but just couldn’t find one…. 

stay tuned :) 
-bullshit book btw

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