Friday, 21 October 2011

Start me up

Start me up~ New Boyz
Currently hooked up like no tomorrow to this song. Raping repeat all over that she got no more clothes left. Okayys that sounds weird haha. But NEWBOYZ just ROCK!!!!!!! 

epic fan of them :)

Well today, I am currently sick, so I won't be posting so much. Well to be honest I ain't really sick, I got a concussion cause my bro bashed me up. Well fuck him -.-' Anyways I'm alright, thankfully. And today was the second time I went to see a TCD. It's quite effective and they gave me TCM in a capsulated form so its pretty alright. Save me from all the vomitting and stuff :)
And didn't study much today..O's are lets see...2 days away from now? LIKE SERIOUSLY...dam I'm so excited that it's finally here.. Not that I am fully prepared for it, is just that I want it to end quickly so I can party !!!!

I leave you with this pic I posted this morning on chicotpia. If anyone of ya'll got a chictopia account do comment on my dressing style cause I really am considering pursuing a career in fashion ! hahas, yeap :) thats all for now. cya bye :]

Fred Perry & Topman

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